Solution Manual for Geochemistry An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Francis Albarède, ISBN: 9780521706933, Downloadable Digital Solution Manual Files

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Solution Manual for Geochemistry An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Francis Albarède, ISBN: 9780521706933

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Table of Contents

Foreword to the English edition
Foreword to the French edition
1. The properties of elements
2. Mass conservation and elemental fractionation
3. Fractionation of stTable isotopes
4. Geochronology and radiogenic tracers
5. Element transport
6. Geochemical systems
7. The chemistry of natural waters
8. Biogeochemistry
9. Environments
10. Mineral reactions
11. The solid Earth
12. The geochemical variability of magmas
13. The Earth in the Solar System
14. The element barn
Appendix A. Composition of the major geological units
Appendix B. The mixing equation for ratios
Appendix C. A refresher on thermodynamics
Appendix D. The geological time scale
Appendix E. An overview of analytical methods
Appendix F. Physical and geophysical constants
Appendix G. Some equations relative to residence time