Solution Manual for Strategic Marketing, 1st Edition, Todd Mooradian, Kurt Matzler, Larry Ring, ISBN-10: 0136028047, ISBN-13: 9780136028048, Downloadable Digital Solution Manual Files

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Solution Manual for Strategic Marketing, 1st Edition, Todd Mooradian, Kurt Matzler, Larry Ring, ISBN-10: 0136028047, ISBN-13: 9780136028048

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Table of Contents

Section I – Overview
Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing Strategy and the Strategic Marketing Process
Chapter 2: Situation Assessment: The External Environment
Chapter 3: Situation Assessment: The Company
Chapter 4: Strategy Formation
Chapter 5: Implementation
Chapter 6: Planning, Assessment and Adjustment
Section II – Situation Assessment
Note 1: Market Definition
Note 2: Context (PEST)
Note 3: Customer Assessment – Trends and Insights
Note 4: Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior
Note 5: Competitor Analysis – Competitive Intelligence
Note 6: Company Assessment – Missions and Visions
Note 7: Company Assessment – The Value Chain
Note 8: Industry Analysis
Note 9: Product Lifecycle
Note 10: Experience Curve Effects on Cost Reduction
Note 11: Economies and Diseconomies of Scale
Note 12: Economies of Scope/Synergies and Virtuous Circles
Note 13: Market Share Effects
Note 14: Scenario Analysis
Section III – Marketing Strategies
Note 15: The Marketing Concept
Note 16: What Is a Marketing Strategy?
Note 17: Generic Strategies – Advantage and Scope
Note 18: Generic Strategies – The Value Map
Note 19: Generic Strategies – Product-Market Growth Strategies
Note 20: Specific Marketing Strategies
Section IV – Strategy Formulation
Note 21: Market Segmentation
Note 22: Loyalty-Based Marketing, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention
Note 23: Customer Lifetime Value
Note 24: Competitive Advantages
Note 25: SWOT Analysis
Note 26: Targeting
Note 27: Positioning
Section V – Implementation
Note 28: Customer-Oriented Market Research
Note 29: Brands and Branding
Note 30: Products – New Product Development
Note 31: Products – Innovations
Note 32: Products – Product Portfolios
Note 33: Pricing Strategies
Note 34: Promotion and People – Integrated Marketing Communications
Note 35: Place – Distribution
Section VI – Documentation, and Assessment and Adjustment
Note 36: Budgets, Forecasts, and Objectives
Note 37: Staircase Analysis
Note 38: Assessment and Adjustment

Appendix A: Basic Financial Math for Marketing Strategy
Appendix B: Strategic Marketing Plan Exercise
Appendix C: The One-Page Memo
Appendix D: Case Analysis and Action-Oriented Decisions