Test Bank for Canadian Criminology: Strategies & Perspectives, 4/E, James C. Hackler, ISBN-10: 0131977873, ISBN-13: 9780131977877, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for Canadian Criminology: Strategies & Perspectives, 4/E, James C. Hackler, ISBN-10: 0131977873, ISBN-13: 9780131977877

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Table of Contents


Part 1 The Criminological Enterprise

Chapter 1 What Is Crime? What Is Deviance?

Chapter 2 Explaining Crime: Contrasting Approaches

Chapter 3 The Meaning of Crime Statistics

Part 2 Explanations of Crime

Chapter 4 Biological and Traditional Explanations of Crime

Chapter 5 Psychological Perspectives

Chapter 6 Group Dynamics, Collective Behaviour, and Criminogenic Circumstances

Chapter 7 Social Interaction and Control Theory: Families, Friends, and Schools

Chapter 8 Focusing on the Structure of the Society – The Consensus Tradition

Chapter 9 Conflict Theories: Societal Responses to Crime

Chapter 10 The Ecology of Crime: The Community and Spatial Relations

Part 3 Settings and Dynamics That Influence Crime Patterns

Chapter 11 Drug Crime: The Consequences of Hypocrisy

Chapter 12 Victimology

Chapter 13 Women’s Issues and Their Relation to Crime

Chapter 14 The Criminalization of Sex

Chapter 15 Sources of Violent Crime

Chapter 16 Property Crimes: Greed or Thrills?

Part 4 Crime Arising Out of the Abuse of Power

Chapter 17 Community and Justice System Responses to Crime

Chapter 18 Corporate Crime and White Collar Crime

Chapter 19 Organized Crime and Gangs

Chapter 20 Criminogenic Conditions: Implications for Crime Reduction