Test Bank for Forensic Psychology, 1st Edition, Jack Kitaeff, ISBN-10: 0132352915, ISBN-13: 9780132352918, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for Forensic Psychology, 1st Edition, Jack Kitaeff, ISBN-10: 0132352915, ISBN-13: 9780132352918

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Table of Contents1. History and Current Issues in Forensic Psychology2. Roles and Responsibilities of Forensic Psychologists3. Aggression and Violent Crime4. Non-Violent Crimes5. Mass Murders and Serial Killers6. The Psychology of Terrorism, Cults, and Extremism7. Law Enforcement and Police Psychology8. Investigations9. Eyewitness Testimony and Accuracy10. Psychology of False Confessions and Repressed Memories11. Capacity and Incapacity12. Juries and the Courtroom13. Repressed Memories and Novel Syndromes14. Forensic Psychology and the Workplace15. Forensic Psychology Applied to Children and Families16. Treatment and Rehabilitation in Forensic Psychology GLOSSARYREFERENCESCODES AND AUTHORITIES – See more at: