Test Bank for Fundamental Nursing Care, 2/E, Roberta Pavy Ramont, Dee Niedringhaus, ISBN-10: 0132244322, ISBN-13: 9780132244329, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for Fundamental Nursing Care, 2/E, Roberta Pavy Ramont, Dee Niedringhaus, ISBN-10: 0132244322, ISBN-13: 9780132244329

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Table of Contents

Unit I — The Nature of Nursing

Chapter 1 — Succeeding as a Nursing Student

Chapter 2 — Promoting Culturally Proficient Care

Chapter 3 — Legal and Ethical Issues of Nursing

Chapter 4 — Critical Thinking and Nursing Theory/Models

Chapter 5 — The LPN/LVN and the Nursing Process

Unit II — Introduction to Clinical Practice

Chapter 6 — Documenting and Reporting

Chapter 7 — Health Care Delivery Systems

Chapter 8 — Safety

Chapter 9 — Infection Control and Asepsis

Chapter 10 — Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

Unit III — Promoting Psychosocial Health

Chapter 11 — Life Span Development

Chapter 12 — Client Communication

Chapter 13 — Sensory Perception

Chapter 14 — Self Concept

Chapter 15 — Sexuality

Chapter 16 — Stress and Coping

Chapter 17 — Loss, Grieving, and Death

Unit IV — Promoting Physiological Health

Chapter 18 — Introduction to the Body

Chapter 19 — Health Assessment

Chapter 20 — Vital Signs

Chapter 21 — Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign

Chapter 22 — Hygiene

Chapter 23 — Skin, Integrity, and Wound Care

Chapter 24 — Oxygenation

Chapter 25 — Nutrition and Diet Therapy

Chapter 26 — Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid — Base Balance

Chapter 27 — Urinary Elimination

Chapter 28 — Gastrointestinal Elimination

Chapter 29 — Medications

Chapter 30 — IV Therapy

Chapter 31 — Perioperative Nursing

Chapter 32 — Activity, Rest, and Sleep

Chapter 33 — Client Teaching

Unit V — Promoting Health in Alternate Care Settings

Chapter 34 — Emergency Room and Urgent Care Nursing

Chapter 35 — Nursing Care in Ambulatory Settings

Unit VI — Becoming a Licensed Nurse

Chapter 36 — Leadership and Professional Development

Chapter 37 — Preparing to take the Licensure Exam

Chapter 38 — Finding that First Job