Test Bank for Give Me Liberty!: An American History, 4th Edition, Eric Foner, ISBN: 0393920321, ISBN-13: 9780393920321, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for Give Me Liberty!: An American History, 4th Edition, Eric Foner, ISBN: 0393920321, ISBN-13: 9780393920321

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Table of Contents
List of Maps, TTables, and Figures xvii
About the Author xix
Preface xxi
Part 1 American Colonies to 1763
1. A New World 4
The Expansion of Europe 7
Peoples of the Americas 12
The Spanish Empire 15
The First North Americans 23
England and the New World 30
The Freeborn Englishman 35
Voices of Freedom: From Henry Care, English Liberties, or, The Free-Born Subject’s Inheritance (1680) 40
2. American Beginnings, 1607-1650 44
The Coming of the English 47
Settling the Chesapeake 51
Origins of American Slavery 57
The New England Way 62
Voices of Freedom: From John Winthrop, Speech to the Massachusetts General Court (July 3, 1645) 64
New Englanders Divided 69
The New England Economy 73
3. Crisis and Expansion: North American Colonies, 1650-1750 78
Empires in Conflict 81
The Expansion of England’s Empire 87
Voices of Freedom: From William Penn, England’s Present Interests Discovered (1675) 93
Colonies in Crisis 94
The Eighteenth Century: A Growing Society 101
Social Classes in the Colonies 110
4. Slavery, Freedom, and the Struggle for Empire to 1763 118
Slavery and the Empire 121
Slave Culture and Slave Resistance 130
An Empire of Freedom 133
The Public Sphere 138
The Great Awakening 145
Imperial Rivalries 148
Battle for the Continent 151
Voices of Freedom: From Pontiac, Speeches (1762 and 1763) 156
Part 2 A New Nation, 1763-1840
5. The American Revolution, 1763-1783 166
The Crisis Begins 169
The Road to Revolution 176
The Coming of Independence 180
Voices of Freedom: From Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776) 185
Securing Independence 189
6. The Revolution Within 200
Democratizing Freedom 203
Toward Religious Liberty 207
Defining Economic Freedom 212
The Limits of Liberty 215
Slavery and the Revolution 220
Voices of Freedom: From Petitions of Slaves to the Massachusetts Legislature (1773 and 1777) 224
Daughters of Liberty 228
7. Founding a Nation, 1783-1789 234
America under the Articles of Confederation 237
A New Constitution 246
The Ratification Debate and the Origin of the Bill of Rights 253
Voices of Freedom: From James Madison, The Federalist no. 51, and Anti-Federalist Essay Signed “Brutus” (1787) 254
We the People 261
8. Securing the Republic, 1790-1815 270
Politics in an Age of Passion 272
Voices of Freedom: From Address of the Democratic-Republican Society of Pennsylvania (December 18, 1794) 281
The Adams Presidency 283
Jefferson in Power 290
The “Second War of Independence” 298
9. The Market Revolution 306
A New Economy 309
Market Society 319
Voices of Freedom: From Josephine L. Baker, “A Second Peep at Factory Life,” Lowell Offering (1845) 328
The Free Individual 330
The Limits of Prosperity 335
10. Democracy in America, 1815-1840 344
The Triumph of Democracy 346
Voices of Freedom: From “The Memorial of the Non-Freeholders of the City of Richmond” (1829) 348
Nationalism and Its Discontents 353
Nation, Section, and Party 358
The Age of Jackson 363
The Bank War and After 373
Part 3 Slavery, Freedom, and the Crisis of the Union, 1840-1877
11. The Peculiar Institution 386
The Old South 389
Voices of Freedom: From John C. Calhoun, Speech in Congress (1837) 398
Life under Slavery 400
Slave Culture 409
Resistance to Slavery 414
12. An Age of Reform, 1820-1840 422
The Reform Impulse 424
The Crusade against Slavery 434
Black and White Abolitionism 441
The Origins of Feminism 445
Voices of Freedom: From Angelina Grimke, Letter in The Liberator (August 2, 1837) 448
13. A House Divided, 1840-1861 456
Fruits of Manifest Destiny 458
A Dose of Arsenic 470
The Rise of the Republican Party 477
Voices of Freedom: From William H. Seward, “The Irrepressible Conflict” (1858) 484
The Emergence of Lincoln 487
The Impending Crisis 495
14. A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War, 1861-1865 502
The First Modern War 504
The Coming of Emancipation 514
The Second American Revolution 524
Voices of Freedom: From Abraham Lincoln, Address at Sanitary Fair, Baltimore (April 18, 1864) 525
The Confederate Nation 532
Turning Points 536
Rehearsals for Reconstruction and the End of the War 539
15. “What Is Freedom?”: Reconstruction, 1865-1877 548
The Meaning of Freedom 551
Voices of Freedom: From Petition of Committee in Behalf of the Freedmen to Andrew Johnson (1865) 558
The Making of Radical Reconstruction 562
Radical Reconstruction in the South 572
The Overthrow of Reconstruction 577
The Declaration of Independence (1776) 2
The Constitution of the United States (1787) 4
From George Washington’s Farewell Address (1796) 14
The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (1848) 18
From Frederick Douglass’s “What, to the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?” Speech (1852) 20
The Gettysburg Address (1863) 23
Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address (1865) 24
The Populist Platform of 1892 25
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address (1933) 28
Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “I Have a Dream” Speech (1963) 30
Presidential Elections 32
Admission of States 40
Population of the United States 41
Historical Statistics of the United States
Workforce 42
Immigration, by Origin 42
Glossary 43
Credits 63
Index 67