Test Bank for International Marketing, 17th Edition, Philip Cateora, John Graham, Mary Gilly, ISBN-10: 0077842162, ISBN-13: 9780077842161, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for International Marketing, 17th Edition, Philip Cateora, John Graham, Mary Gilly, ISBN-10: 0077842162, ISBN-13: 9780077842161

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Table of Contents

Part One
An Overview
1 The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing 2
2 The Dynamic Environment of International Trade 28
Part Two
The Cultural Environment of Global Markets
3 History and Geography: The Foundations of Culture 54
4 Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets 96
5 Culture, Management Style, and Business Systems 130
6 The Political Environment: A Critical Concern 170
7 The International Legal Environment: Playing By the Rules 198
Part Three
Assessing Global Market Opportunities
8 Developing a Global Vision through Marketing Research 230
9 Economic Development and the Americas 262
10 Europe, Africa, and the Middle East 290
11 The Asia Pacific Region 316
Part Four
Developing Global Marketing Strategies
12 Global Marketing Management: Planning and Organization 346
13 Products and Services for Consumers 374
14 Products and Services for Businesses 414
15 International Marketing Channels 442
16 Integrated Marketing Communications and International Advertising 478
17 Personal Selling and Sales Management 524
18 Pricing for International Markets 554
Part Five
Implementing Global Marketing Strategies
19 Inventive Negotiations with International Customers, Partners, and Regulators 584
Part Six
Supplementary Material
THE COUNTRY NOTEBOOK—A Guide for Developing a Marketing Plan 613
Glossary 622
Photo Credits 631
Name Index 633
Subject Index 640