Test Bank for International Trade, John McLaren, ISBN: 0470408790, ISBN : 9781118545478, ISBN : 9780470408797, Downloadable Digital Test Bank Files

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Test Bank for International Trade, John McLaren, ISBN: 0470408790, ISBN : 9781118545478, ISBN : 9780470408797

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Table of Contents
About the Author v

Preface vii

Part I. Engines of Globalization

1 A Second Wave of Globalization 1

2 Should Nigeria Strive for Self-Sufficiency in Food? 13

3 Why Do Americans Get Their Impalas from Canada? 30

4 Trade and Large Corporations: Kodak versus Fuji 48

Part II. Politics and Policy in the World Economy

5 Why Did the North Want a Tariff, and Why Did the South Call It an Abomination? 64

6 Is Free Trade a Rip-off for American Workers? 86

7 Why Doesn’t Our Government Want Us to Import Sugar? 108

8 Who Are the WTO, and What Do They Have Against Dolphins? 135

9 Should Developing-Country Governments Use Tariffs to Jump-start Growth? 152

10 Was Ronald Reagan Punked by Japanese Automakers? 173

Part III. Current Controversies

11 Should the iPod Be Made in the United States? 188

12 Should We Build a Border Fence? 210

13 Trade and the Environment: Is Globalization Green? 226

14 Sweatshops and Child labor: Globalization and Human Rights 239

15 Is NAFTA a Betrayal of the Poor or a path to Prosperity? 263

Part IV. Macroeconomic Aspects of Globalization

16 Is the Trade Deficit a Time Bomb? 286

17 Trade and Exchange Rates: Is the Renminbi the Culprit? 304

Index 327